Names of Vishnive Jews Murdered in the Jewish Cemetery in 1941 Just Before the Establishment of the Ghetto

(from the Vishnive Memorial Book, Editor Chaim Abramson, Published in Israel, 1972)

  • Zelig Brekman while standing, praying, wearing talith and tefilin
  • Moshe - his son in law
  • Yosef Zvi Kaplan
  • Shalom Ber Levin
  • Yaacov Hirsh (Zvi) Elishkevich son of Sara Dvora and Avraham Elishkevich
  • Binyamin son of Yaacov Hirsh and Teibl Elishkevich
  • Itzhak son in law of the saddler
  • Izik Podbereski
  • Son of Izik
  • Fiba Zusman son of Beile and Iche Zusman
  • Yeruham son of Fiba and Sonya Zusman
  • Eliezer Leizer son of Fiba and Sonya Zusman
  • Yeshayahu Kaplan
  • Mordechai Idl
  • Monya Zalb
  • Yaacov Gurevich Husband of Elisheva Shimshilevich
  • Chaim Itzkovich son of Yosef Itzkovich
  • Yeshayahu Girzon
  • Liba Milikovski
  • Izik Rogovin son of Itzhak and Rashel Rogovin
  • Hirshe (Zvi) Rogovin son of Itzhak and Rashel Rogovin
  • Eli Yeza
  • Simcha the mute
  • Leib
  • Henech Zusman
  • Baruch Podbereski
  • Baruch Rabinovich
  • Moshe Rabinovich
  • Yaacov Ziplevich
  • Moshe Aharon Kotler
  • Eli the butcher
  • Marcus the blacksmith
  • The painter
  • Chaim Berkovich
  • Meir Yakl Podberski
  • Avraham Shuster
  • Liba son in law of Moshe the limenadnik
  • Son of Liba


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