To: All Vishnive Families and Descendants
From: Dvora Rogovin Helberg and Uri Helberg
Date: March 21, 2002

First Progress Report: Renovation of the Jewish Cemetery in Vishnive and Additional Projects

Dear Friends:

In March 2002 Ms. Regina Kopilevich signed a contract with the city of Vishnive concerning the clearing and removal of the wild growth of trees, thorny bushes and grass from the Jewish Cemetery. The city is committed to a careful and responsible job in which no damage will occur to the tombstones.

Regina, representing the Vishnive descendants, is committed to paying a total of one-thousand dollars, in three stages. The first payment was made with a two hundred dollar deposit. Four hundred dollars will be paid after the first cutting and removal in April. The rest of the money will be paid in the summer, following the second cutting and clearing up.

We are also checking into the possibility of

  1. The erection of a memorial marker at the site of the mass grave in the cemetery where the first group of thirty-eight Jewish victims was gunned down in 1941.

  2. An addition to the Krave Street Memorial where the remaining two-thousand members of the Jewish community were slaughtered and burned in 1942. The memorial will state clearly in English, Hebrew and Russian that all of the victims were Jews who were murdered by the Nazis and their collaborators.

  3. The building of a fence to surround the Jewish cemetery.

Pictures depict the current condition of the cemetery, the Vishnive team who will be in charge of the project with Regina and the Soviet Memorial on Krave Street.

Current list of contributors. If you know other Vishnive descendants, please let them know what we hope to accomplish.

For your information, we have set up Internet Memorial Sites for Vishnive and our family. The site addresses are:

These sites have links to other sites concerning Vishnive.

More updates will follow soon.

Have a happy Passover!

The address for contributions in the USA is:
Ms. Zane Buzby

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