To: All Vishnive Families and Descendants
From: Dvora Rogovin Helberg, Modi'in, Israel
Date: March 25, 2007

Completion of the Renovation Project of the Jewish Cemetery in Vishnive

I would like to announce that this project has been completed.
After five years of activity we have accomplished the following.

  1. Clearing and removal of the wild vegetation in the cemetery. This required obtaining an approval from the authorities.
  2. Erection and cleaning of the tombstones.
  3. Preventative treatment of vegetation to suppress regrowth was done twice.
  4. Documentation of the tombstones in the cemetery including listing of names and dates of deaths of the deceased, and mapping the location and photographing each tombstone.
  5. Built a new internet site which contains the documentation of the tombstones and the details of the project.
  6. Additional inscriptions in English and Hebrew to the existing Krave Street Memorial. This required a license from the authorities.
  7. Building of a new Memorial marker at the site of the mass grave in the cemetery with inscriptions in English, Hebrew and Russian. This required a license from the authorities.
  8. A memorial was built at the Memorial Cave in Yad Vashem, Jerusalem. The remaining money was contributed to Yad Vashem. A Thank You letter was received from Yad Vashem.

The internet site address for this project is:

Pictures of the Memorial at Yad Vashem are included in the site.

Note: Vishnive bank account XXX-XX2161 at Bank Mizrachi in Modi'in has been closed.

I am delighted that we had the privilege to renovate the cemetery and dedicate the memorials. Thank you for contributing to this project which was accomplished for us and for generations to come.

Have a happy Passover!
Dvora Helberg

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